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What is Treasure Our Farms?

California agriculture is the envy of the world, creating an abundance of safe, healthy and affordable food while caring for the land and environment. Farming and ranching are facing unprecedented challenges from insufficient water, labor and housing resources; damage from fires and pests; and disadvantages from foreign competition and regulation.

Treasure Our Farms educates, engages and informs local communities about the value and beauty of local agriculture in California. Our mission is to broadcast information about farming and ranching by sharing inspirational stories to educate and diffuse misinformation. Our targeted media campaigns will create closer relationships with consumers to maintain our ability to grow food for the state and our world.

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News and Upcoming Events

Visit the Agriculture Museum

The Agriculture Museum preserves and exhibits the region’s farming and ranching history and the future of the industry.

Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market

Get a taste of Ventura County at the local farmer’s market overlooking the Channel Islands Harbor.

Ventura County Virtual Farm Day

More than 20 Ventura County farms, ranches, and agricultural organizations will open their doors and invite the public to experience a day of agricultural activities.

CA Agriculture in the Classroom

Come together to learn and share how to incorporate food and fiber into all curricular areas!