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September 17, 2014 Comments Off on Andy Waters and Mckenzie Waters at Waters Ranches Views: 3413 People

Andy Waters and Mckenzie Waters at Waters Ranches

Andy Waters is a 4th generation farmer in Ventura County. In the late 1800’s his Great Granddad ventured out from Tennessee to California and fell in love with the area.  Soon he traveled back to Tennessee and packed up the family and brought them to Ventura County where they settled down in Moorpark.

During the great depression the Waters family traded the land for the new home ranch in Moorpark where his great granddad and granddad started farming citrus, apricots and turkeys.  Today Andy Waters follows in his families farming footsteps, stewarding the land –  keeping it sustainable and vibrant with crops of blueberries for his daughter and all of us to enjoy.


Andy Waters Senior, a pioneering farmer of Moorpark, was born February 1, 1917 in Marysville, Tennessee. He moved to Ventura County in 1919 with his parents Mose and Nan.  After school Andy continued dry land farming in the Moorpark area. He lead Ventura County in Turkey farming in the 1930’s. Drilling one of the first successful water wells in the Fox Canyon Aquifer, he had water and started planting lemons in the 1940’s. Through his successful and innovative practices, he helped make Ventura County the lemon capital of the world in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He was a founding member of Ventura Pacific Packing House and served on the board for over 40 years.

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