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How California Farmers are Producing a Better Environment

Learn more about how California farmers and ranchers have made tremendous progress at reducing the environmental impact of food production –  Click Here Profiles in Stewardship – by the American Farmland Trust



Limoneira Company grows a variety of fruit and nut crops on nearly 8,000 acres in Southern California. The company specializes in lemons and avocados, with roughly 3,000 acres of those two crops in production. In their other orchards they grow walnuts, pistachios, cherries, pluots, and specialty citrus varieties, like cara caras, blood oranges and valencias. As a 120-year old company, sustainability is and has to be a high priority. They have installed two solar farms that supply a third of their energy, regularly mulch their orchards, and use efficient irrigation methods. The company’s commitment to being responsible land stewards and their partnerships with other California organizations has allowed them to remain an innovative and successful agricultural industry leader.

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