What Would Happen if Our Farms and Ranches Disappeared?

Jurgen Gramckow

May 4, 2016 Comments Off on We Farm So You Can Eat Views: 1727 Economics

We Farm So You Can Eat

Source: The Californian, NORM GROOT. Published May 10, 2016

So much of our daily lives are centered around food. Most of us tend to eat meals three times a day, snack in-between on fresh fruit, enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and close it all out with a sweet… Most of us take the food we eat each day for granted. It’s all plentiful at the supermarket, with over 100,000 choices in the average store; the choices expand each year as do the healthy benefits of fresh foods grown locally.

What never occurs to most of the food consuming public is that someone has to growthis food. It just doesn’t magically appear on the shelf of a store, get manufactured in a warehouse, or come from a workshop.

We farm so you can eat. We’re the 2 percent that really does feed the nation and allows the 98 percent to choose a lifestyle that doesn’t involve any food production but enjoys the bounty of the harvest.

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