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​Home grown: Moving next to the farm

The Serenbe community, 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta, is one of the first of many Agrihood communities popping up all over the country. In this community, homes are centered around a working farm where 80% of the food that residents eat comes from a 5-mile radius from their home.

The farm is tended to by professional farmers who sell their produce to the community during the weekend farmers market. Residents often spend two to three hours at this farmer’s market, not just buying the locally grown food, but also catching up with their neighbors.

Steve Nygren is Serenbe’s developer who comes from a long line of farmers from Colorado. The idea of centering a community around a farm stems from the farm-to-table movement that is bringing more farmer’s markets to communities and bringing more local produce into restaurants.

The Agrihood lifestyle is in such high demand and so popular that Nygren’s first 20 homes sold within 48 hours of being put on the market. “People love the idea of sitting on their back porch and watching the farmers grow the food.”

Ashley Rodgers, Serenbe’s farm manager said, “People that are moving here, they want to be near the farm; they want to overlook it. I know most of the folks in the community. And they can come up to me one day and say, ‘Oh, man, I made that sweet potato last night,’ and that warms my heart more than, like, anything!”

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