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July 6, 2016 Comments Off on Salad Bar Farms Starts Ventura School Farm Views: 1719 Economics, News

Salad Bar Farms Starts Ventura School Farm

Chris Massa and Mike Roberts are overcoming barriers and bringing farming into Ventura Unified School District schools and cafeterias with their “Salad Bar Farms” project.

The school district is currently spending $700,000 a year on produce for school. Although, this already involves local farmers, Chris believes that “the next step would be for the district to grow its own product to save money.” Their school farm system could ultimately grow 8,000 pounds of food per year.

Not only will these “Salad Bar Farms” produce food that will then feed students during lunch, this will also be part of an educational program. There will be space for teachers to experiment with things like composting and seed saving. These farms will also give students hand on experience in farming and help them develop a new set of skills.

Salad Bar Farms” is aimed at getting students involved in farming and to develop an understanding of why we treasure our farms in Ventura County.

Read the full story on UC Food Observer.

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